Ever wondered what a freshly roasted cocoa bean tastes like, or how chocolate is made? Have you ever seen a cacao pod before? Why not get in touch and book your unique chocolate experience, now?

We’re open to the public every day and we’d love you to visit and immerse yourself in chocolate (perhaps not literally, but we’re happy to talk…). Come in and drink it, see it, hear it and bathe in the aroma!

If you are wanting to learn more about our process, book in for a tour to learn about how cocoa is grown and turned into premium chocolate. We’re an open-plan chocolate factory and we believe that making great chocolate is an experience that should be shared. So come in and experience the whole process, from bean all the way to the hand wrapped bar. Oh -  and, of course, there’s a full tasting at the tour’s end!

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Why not take a tour?



Book one of our public tours here! They run most Saturdays at 11am; bookings are required.

Alternatively, use the form below to inquire about a private tour. To help us efficiently organise a private tour for you, please let us know of your preferred date and time, as well as the number of people in your group. Private tours run on the following price structure: $120 for the first 4 people, then $20 per person after that.
We can only accommodate private tours during our opening hours, and cannot guarantee that your initially requested time will be possible, as we don’t double-book tours and have to ensure staff availability. Tours work best with a 20 person maximum.

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