Inclusion Chocolate Bars



Our house blend of cacao generously covered with inspired toppings, made possible by our talented chocolate makers.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar
Our most popular bar ever. Generous lashings of salted brittle caramel strewn over our special house blended chocolate.

Chilli Lime Peanuts Chocolate Bar
Our special house blended chocolate combined with fiery and zesty seasoned peanuts.

Craft Beer Chocolate Bar
House blended chocolate with hop infused brittle caramel, garnished with a Nelson Sauvin hop flower.


Coconut Milk Chocolate Bars



Our vegan milk chocolate is deliciously creamy, while cacao from the Dominican Republic provides a balancing, earthy richness.


Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar
Vegan milk chocolate made from two trees.

ANZAC Chocolate Bar
Vegan coconut milk chocolate laced with an ANZAC biscuit crunch.