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Star Anise Milk
Chocolate Bar

Infusing a dark milk chocolate with wonderful Chinese star anise makes for a delicious bar that tastes half like licorice and half like Christmas biscuits.

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Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bars



The finest cacao beans and organic cane sugar. Nothing more. Nothing less. This is chocolate at its purest.

Fiji Chocolate Bar
Our newest Pacific origin. Super creamy, perfect for dessert. Notes of chocolate brownie, toasted almonds, and raspberry.

Solomon Islands Chocolate Bar
Our highest percentage cacao bar to date! Super creamy, rich and powerful. Notes of walnut, rye whiskey, and malt.

Peru Chocolate Bar
Single origin chocolate made with Peruvian Criollo cacao beans. Super smooth, rich and flavourful.


Inclusion Dark Chocolate Bars



Dark chocolate bars with inclusions ranging from salted caramel to coconut milk to ANZAC crunch, all made possible by our talented chocolate makers.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar
Our most popular bar ever. Generous lashings of salted brittle caramel strewn over our special house blended chocolate.

Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar
Vegan milk chocolate made from ingredients derived from just two trees.

ANZAC Chocolate Bar
Vegan coconut milk chocolate smothered with an ANZAC biscuit crunch.


Single Origin Milk Chocolate Bars



These milk chocolates are built on a delicious foundation of Peruvian cacao and New Zealand dairy milk. All certified organic.

Organic Milk Chocolate Bar
Aotearoa's first single-origin, organic milk chocolate bar. You'll find creamy notes of honey, nuts, and apricot.

Raspberry Milk Chocolate Bar
Organic single origin milk chocolate infused with real raspberries. Tart and sweet, and a complete delight to eat!

Star Anise Milk Chocolate Bar
A subtle balance of flavours that most people don't expect to love.